Red blue bandana

Native American Bandana by Melvin War Eagle “Bear Spirit”


Melvin War Eagle is an artist from Kyle, South Dakota. Each bandana is truly a piece of wearable art, featuring facets of Native American life. The tag on "Bear Spirit" reads as follows: "Lakota believed that the Bear had great power and strength. It was understood that the Bear Spirit (who is of the tobtob : good spirits) and his great wisdom was able to protect the people. The Bear Spirit was responsible for giving the people medicine to heal their sick. When the Bear Spirit would visit the people, some tribes would paint their tipis with a large bear wrapped around it, calling it the Hugging Lodge (to give it the name Bear Hugging was forbidden, for the bear was held in such high esteem its name could not be uttered), this provided the family protection and health. The Bear Spirit in this design provides the wearer with strength, wisdom and good health. The red arrows going through the bear's mouth was given to the dreamer, indicating the exact place where the Spirit Bear holds its wakan (sacred) power." Bandana measures 22" square and the fabric is 100% cotton by Hanblechia Designs.


red with white and blue